Hi, my name is Franz and I'm a

Web Developer

Based in Ontario, Canada

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Fehr Car Wash caring for your vehicle is their business

- Web Development - E-commerce - Web Design - Product Photography

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PSL City is a premium boutique sports & entertainment service website.

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Capetown Capital is the best small business funding for your South African small business.

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Paul Pitcher Day is a website dedicated to the peoples holiday.

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Sommerfeld Mennonite Church is passionate about Christ living in and through us as His grace covers our sin and propels us to live in His victory.

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What I do

WordPress Development

My bespoke WordPress web development services offer complete autonomy over the world's leading CMS platform, empowering your digital marketing endeavors to achieve optimal results.

Web App Development

A custom-built content management system or web app may be best for your business’ website. I have the experience to craft any solution. Using the Laravel framework, I can build a robust and secure web application for your business.


Whether you prefer WordPress or any other eCommerce platform, my web development services encompass dynamic eCommerce development solutions that are geared towards supporting the growth of small to large businesses.

About me

Hey! I’m Frank (or Franz), and I am a freelance web developer with over 8 years of experience in the industry. My expertise lies in working with WordPress, Laravel, and VueJS to create dynamic, responsive, and user-friendly websites.

I enjoy every step of the web development process, from design to deployment, and I take pride in delivering high-quality work that exceeds my clients' expectations.

When I'm not coding up a storm, you'll usually find me lost in my collection of playing cards. I can't get enough of the intricate designs and striking artwork that adorn each deck.

And if I'm not shuffling cards, I'm busy conquering the world of Catan. Few things are more satisfying than outsmarting your friends or family in a thrilling game of strategy.

But don't be fooled – I'm not just a desk-bound developer. I also love gardening, canning, preserving and exploring the great outdoors with my wife and two daughters. There's something about being surrounded by nature that helps me unwind and re-energize. Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to disconnect from tech and reconnect with the world around me.

So, whether you need a stunning new website, a killer web app, or just someone to talk to about the latest playing card designs, gardening or Catan strategies, I'm your guy.

Let's work together to bring your vision to life!


Frank has been absolutely phenomenal to work with and his ability to always find the correct solution shows he has an incredible knowledge within all aspects of website development, layout, design and more. It is hard to find someone who can "do it all", but Frank has certainly proved to be able to not only meet expectations but exceeds them. When you want someone to pick up the phone and answer an email, Frank has always shown a strong ability to communicate 7 days a week. No runarounds, no B.S., no waiting for months, Frank Wiebe can handle all aspects from the time you purchase your domain name, all the way through generation of sales and more. 10 Stars, A+ and I hope your business finds Frank, as he is the true asset you need.

Paul Pitcher

First Down Funding

When it comes to a web developer with a passion for expanding their knowledge base and staying on top of the latest advancements in programming, Frank is that guy. He is more than well equipped to build any web application to fit your need. Though Frank takes pride in his work, he is humble and a pleasure to work with.

Pastor Corny Bartsch

Sommerfeld Mennonite Church

I am thoroughly impressed with Frank's exceptional expertise in his field. Previously, I found myself in a precarious situation with another company, which not only left me in a vulnerable position but also incurred significant financial losses as I had to rebuild my website from scratch. However, Frank promptly provided a viable solution, demonstrating his remarkable efficiency. Moreover, his unwavering patience in guiding me through the intricate world of website design has been truly commendable. In a remarkably short span of time, Frank delivered an outstanding outcome, all while being mindful of my budgetary constraints. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend Frank for any and all website-related needs.

Cornelius Fehr

Fehr Car Wash

Frank has been awesome to work with. There isn't one task I throw his way that he can't resolve for my companies website. If you're looking for an exceptional company to build your online presence look no further, trust me Frank will exceed your expectations.

Bernie Quiring

McBain Signs


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